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Maybelle is a brown medium poodle with an excellent AKC pedigree from inter-variety breeding.  I love her personality and conformation!  She was born here at Noir Poodles; Kiaya is her mom.  Maybelle is 19 inches and 20 pounds.  Her AKC CH sire, Orion, produced an amazing litter to raise, and Maybelle is a sweetheart!  She is confident and outgoing.  She loves life and lets Anise be the boss.  She loves going on hikes and acts like each hike is 'the best day ever!'  Maybelle loves to be close but is not 'velcro'.  She is a bed bug any chance we have time to relax.  Maybelle passed her Canine Good Citizen test as a puppy after weeks of class being cancelled due to COVID in 2020.    I hope to work towards other performance titles with Maybelle in the future.  Maybelle's health testing is complete, including genetic diversity VGL testing.  She will produce black and brown colors in her litters.    

Maybelle's Pedigree

Maybelle's OFA Certifications


Noir Wildwood Flower CGC

Brown moyen poodle puppy with a toy on the wood floor
Brown moyen poodle puppy on a hike...smiling with tail high and ears flying.
Brown moyen poodle puppy standing on a hike with the woods and trail behind her
Brown moyen poodle in the snow with snow on her nose
Brown moyen poodle puppy in a fall picture with pumpkins
Close up of brown moyen poodle puppy looking up at me
Portrait of brown moyen poodle puppy in the kitchen
Black moyen poodle in teddy bear cut sitting next to a brown moyen poodle puppy
Brown moyen poodle puppy sitting outside in a patch of green clover
Close up of brown moyen poodle puppy in bed
Selfie with brown and black moyen poodles riding in the car on the way home from the spa day
Portrait of brown moyen poodle sitting in the grass
Collage of baby pictures of brown moyen poodle, Maybelle.