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Anise is a black 'seal' medium poodle with an excellent AKC pedigree from inter-variety breeding.  She was born here at Noir Poodles; Kiaya is her mom.  Anise is 19 inches and 22.5 pounds.  Her sire, Bobby, lives in Italy.  Bobby became an AKC GCH and won Best In Show at the Hershey and Atlanta grooming competitions during the year he lived in the states.  Anise is very intelligent and affectionate.  She is the alpha of the house.  She has a huge personality that keeps us entertained.  Her litter was the first litter I raised using Puppy Culture.  We have enjoyed training together in classes at the Springfield Missouri Dog Training Club.  We earned her AKC Canine Good Citizen and Trick titles.  I hope to work towards Agility, Rally, and Tracking titles with Anise in the future.  Anise's health testing is complete, including genetic diversity VGL testing.  She will produce black and brown colors in her litters.    

Anise's Pedigree

Anise's OFA Certifications


Noir Star Anise CGC TKN

Closeup of black seal moyen poodle, Anise, with summer greenery in the background.
Collage of baby pictures of black seal moyen poodle, Anise.
Black moyen poodle stitting on Santa's lap for Christmas photo
Stacked photo of black moyen poodle in HCC clip
Black moyen poodle in teddy bear cut standing in fall leaves
Black moyen poodle in teddy bear cut
Black moyen poodle standing in the living room
Black moyen poodle in teddy bear cut stacked and pointing at a chicken
Black moyen poodle in teddy bear cut sitting next to a brown moyen poodle puppy
Black moyen poodle in teddy bear cut holding a Sit Stay next to cart in Tractor Supply Company
Black moyen poodle in a teddy bear cut sitting on a day bed
Black moyen poodle smiling at the camera
Close up picture of black moyen poodle standing on deck outside