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Upcoming Medium Poodle Litters

Noir Poodles normally raises 2-3 litters a year.  With the current waiting list, most families have to wait at least two years for an available puppy (possibly longer depending on preferences). Occasionally we have unexpected availability after waiting list selections are completed, though. If we have availability after selections, it is announced though our newsletter, not social media.

The colors I currently produce in litters are black and brown.  I hope to produce silver, silver beige, blue, and possibly cream/white in the future.  Most of my puppies mature in the 15-19 inch and 15-25 pound range.  A few mature a little bigger.  Estimated mature weights are provided as the puppies grow.  Puppies are raised with love in my home using Puppy Culture methods.  Social media posts and newsletters allow families to watch the bébés grow into Rockstar Poodles.

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Medium Poodle Puppies

Black 'seal' moyen poodle babies snuggled in their bed
Baby Anise being held by my daughter outside on teh back deck
Close up of brown moyen poodle puppy looking up at me
Baby Anise, black moyen poodle, with a colorful leash on her neck and raspberry ball in her mouth.
Black moyen poodle puppy inside a red tunnel
Brown moyen poodle puppy with a toy on the wood floor
Black moyen poodle puppy using a teddy bear toy for a pillow
Three black moyen poodle puppies sitting next to each other on a chair