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Puppy Training & Socialization

Socialized Puppies Started with House Training

Love and attention are very important aspects of my Moyen Poodle breeding program, for both my adults and puppies.  My puppies receive all of the necessary socialization and stimulation they need for healthy development.  The early training and socialization that my puppies receive helps them to have a smooth transition into their forever homes.  It also helps me to screen the best candidates for service and therapy dog needs.  Their individual personalities have the chance to develop in the best environment for growth at Noir Poodles.

My poodle puppies start socialization at birth, with plenty of love and human interaction in my home.  My daughter and mom assist me in giving all of my puppies individual attention.  They grow up listening to all of the normal "house" noises from cleaning, dogs, television, and children.    My puppies learn important social skills by remaining with their litter mates until they are 8 weeks old.

My puppies start using the bathroom inside on litter and washable potty pads.  When weather permits, they are also taken outside to use the bathroom on grass as they mature.  I have a doggy door in my puppy room that some of my puppies start using to go outside to use the bathroom.   Eight week old puppies require consistency with house training in their new homes.  I recommend that new puppy owners use crates and exercise pens during times when puppy’s behavior cannot be observed by a responsible adult.  Crates and exercise pens are effective tools in preventing destructive behavior and reinforcing potty training.  Bringing Home Puppy provides several tips about successful transition from my home to the new home.  The following articles published by the ASPCA offer additional information about crate and house training:

Weekend Crate Training

House Training Your Puppy

I find that most poodle puppies are very responsive to verbal correction.  I recommend Grannick's Bitter Apple spray for puppies that need extra help with chewing and mouthing on hands/fingers and furniture.  Bitter apple spray is safe to spray on most furniture and wood.  It is an excellent deterrent for unwanted chewing on wood cabinets and trim.  Some veterinarians and pet supply stores carry bitter apple spray.  It can also be purchased online.  

Socialization starts in my home, but it is critical to continue exposing Puppy to different sights, sounds, places, and people as Puppy matures.  Please read this linked article published by AKC published about puppy socialization.  I recommend that families complete at least one level of puppy classes with their new puppy.  Puppy classes help families to communicate effectively with their puppies in a positive way.  Trainers also help families know how to work with puppies if there are specific behavior issues that need correction.  Puppy classes also provide socialization time with other puppies, which is beneficial for continued mental development.  

Moyen Poodles are intelligent and highly trainable.  They thrive with consistency and positive training.  Agility and Rally are advanced training courses that most poodles love.  It is important not to start advanced physical training until joints have had a chance to fully develop.  

Black moyen poodle puppy, Pepper, enjoying a dog bed in my living room

Black moyen poodle puppies on the way to town for leash work

Black moyen poodle puppies riding in the car