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Noir Peace At Midnight

Kiaya is a black small standard poodle with an excellent AKC pedigree from inter-variety breeding. Her sire is an AKC Champion Miniature Poodle, and her mother is a beautiful parti small Standard Poodle.  She has beautiful conformation with a gorgeous black coat. She has maintained a nice black color to her coat, with minimal graying or white hairs. I adore the German trim on her!!! Kiaya has a gentle spirit; she is very loyal and affectionate. I feel very lucky for the foundation Kiaya provided in my breeding program. She was an amazing mother to her babies. I kept two of her daughters (Anise and Maybelle) for the next generation of Noir Poodle puppies. Kaiya is fully health tested, including genetic diversity VGL testing.  She produced black and brown colors in her litters. Kiaya is 19 inches and 28 pounds. Kiaya, Breezy, and Waverly enjoy life together hiking in the mountains of Montana!

Kiaya's Pedigree

Kiaya's OFA Certifications

Black moyen poodle, Kiaya, freshly groomed on a tan dog bed
Black moyen poodle, Kiaya, on a blue quilt
Black moyen poodle, Kiaya, freshly groomed and sitting in front of the Christmas tree
Black moyen poodle, Kiaya, freshly groomed and sitting in the living room
Black moyen poodle, Kiaya, freshly groomed and sitting on the recliner
Black moyen poodle, Kiaya, sitting on the couch.
Black moyen poodle, Kiaya, smiling with her daughter, Anise.
Black moyen poodle in a german trim standing outside in the sunshine