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5-Year Health Guarantee

Moyen Poodle Puppies from Health Tested Parents

Noir Poodles goal is to produce poodle puppies that live long lives with excellent quality of life.  Puppies sold with Limited AKC registration have a 5-year health guarantee.  The poodle parents selected for the Noir Poodles breeding program are fully health tested with OFA certifications, DNA testing for genetic poodle diseases, and VGL testing for genetic diversity in the poodle population.  

In 2017, I started using PennHip for hip evaluations.  OFA views are provided with every PennHip evaluation.  I believe PennHip offers the most scientific and complete method for evaluating hips, which will help ensure I breed healthy hips in future generations.  My adults receive OFA eye exams every 12-18 months.  The labs I use for DNA testing are PawPrint Genetics, Optigen, and UC Davis.  Links for health testing can be seen on the pages for Kiaya, Breezy, and Waverly.  Please email requests for sire health certifications.

The 5-year health guarantee is included in Noir Poodles Puppy Contract

Moyen poodle puppy, ANise, during her first OFA eye examination.
Poodle hip X-ray (OFA view)