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Black moyen poodle puppy, Pepper, and white moyen poodle, Breezy, sharing a dog bed in my bedroom
Black moyen poodle, Kiaya, and white moyen poodle, Breezy, freshly groomed and standing side by side looking out the window

10-Year Health Guarantee

Moyen Poodle Puppies from Health Tested Parents

Noir Poodles goal is to produce poodle puppies that live long lives with excellent quality of life.  Puppies sold with Limited AKC registration have a 10-year health guarantee.  The poodle parents selected for the Noir Poodles breeding program are fully health tested with OFA certifications, DNA testing for genetic poodle diseases, and VGL testing for genetic diversity in the poodle population.  

My adults and puppies are fed the highest quality nutrition for dogs, which is optimal for physical health and development.  My puppies receive puppy wellness exams from my veterinarian to check for congenital health problems present from birth.  I screen new owners carefully, to help ensure my puppies continue their growth in environments that provide the nutrition and mental stimulation necessary for optimal health.  

Noir Poodles health guarantee does not cover health problems or death from abuse, poison, accidents, lack of vet care, substandard living conditions, poor nutrition, leashed running before Dog is 18 months old, participation in performance training that is not age appropriate, being overweight or underweight, or spay/neuter before Dog is 6 months old.

Noir Poodles 10-year health guarantee is included in the following contract:

Puppy Contract  (Please note that my puppies are sold with Limited AKC registration and spay/neuter contract.  My Poodle puppies are not available to doodle breeders.  Full AKC Registration is available on a VERY restricted basis to approved poodle breeders.)

Kiaya and Breezy- moyen poodles

Pepper and Breezy- moyen poodles