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Poodle Hair and Grooming

Beautiful, Hypoallergenic, and High Maintenance

Poodles are a non-shedding dog breed.  They also do not produce dander.  Most people with allergies to dog hair, dander, or saliva live easily with poodles without any allergic reactions.  People that do not like the mess from animal hair also love living with poodles.  Poodles can be groomed in a variety of styles, from a variety traditional poodle cuts to a teddy bear cut.  Many families choose to have shorter haircuts during warmer months of the year and longer coats during the winter months.  Professional grooming at least once a month helps to keep poodles healthy and beautiful.

Since poodle hair grows continuously, poodles require regular grooming to help maintain healthy hair, skin, and ears.  Skin infections can occur under matted hair, and ears filled with hair are more likely to have ear infections.  It is important to make sure that groomers remove excess hair from the ears.  Clean ears and proper diet are the two biggest factors that prevent ear infections.  Once hair is matted, the only remedy is to shave the matted hair close to the skin.  Brushing helps to prevent matting; brushing intervals depend on the coat length.  Longer poodle coats require daily brushing.  Medium length poodle coats require brushing 2-3 times per week.  Short poodle coats can be brushed once a week.  Metal greyhound combs work best for maintaining beautiful poodle coats.

I use and recommend Les Poochs and Chris Christensen grooming products.  My puppies go to their new homes freshly bathed and groomed.  It is important to start visiting the groomer within two weeks after bringing Puppy home.  Puppy groomings every two weeks in the beginning help poodles mature without fear of blow dryers or clippers.  Since poodles need to visit the goomer regularly for their entire life, choosing a responsible groomer is very important.  Qualities to look for in a groomer are patience and and a genuine love of animals.   References from veterinarians and other poodle owners are helpful when selecting a new groomer.  Ask potential groomers to provide pictures of poodles they have groomed.  Clippers are a necessity for efficiancy in a grooming shop, but find a groomer that also uses scissors.  Scissor work helps to make a poodle coat look finished and beautiful!

Grooming is a financial commitment that needs to be considered as highly as quality food and veterinary care.  Grooming expenses vary greatly in different geographic locations.  Some poodle cuts are also more expensive than others.  Some groomers charge less to groom Moyen Poodles than larger Standard Poodles.  Families that have never owned a poodle or dog breed that requires regular grooming should contact local groomers during the research phase prior to getting a poodle puppy.  

Silver moyen puppy wrapped in a green towel after a bath
Black moyen puppy wrapped in a green towel after a bath
Black moyen puppy wrapped in a pink towel after a bath
White moyen poodle, Breezy, after a bath with her tongue licking her nose
Black moyen poodle with soap suds during her bath
White moyen puppy wrapped in a pink towel after a bath