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Frequently Asked Questions

Owner, Veterinarian, and Groomer Recommended Breeder

I have been breeding since 2010.  It has been a wonderful journey, and I have learned a lot of lessons along the way.  Please take a few minutes to read my blog post From Doodles to Poodles.  Until I am able to build up references on my Noir Poodles Facebook page, my references will come from Cherry Blossom Goldendoodles owners.  I am also happy to give addititional references from my veterinarian and groomer.  I ask for families interested in placing a deposit for a puppy to fill out a puppy application.    

I work very closely with my veterinarian to maintain optimum health with my adults and to ensure every puppy that leaves me is healthy and ready to join their new family.  Each puppy sees him for a puppy wellness exam.  They have individual fecals done during their wellness exams.  He also does the OFA health testing for my adults.  His office is happy to speak with any of my potential puppy owners about the veterinary care my dogs receive.  

My adults go to my groomer every two to four weeks; Shaggy Shears keeps them looking beautiful.  They run free in her shop, so she has plenty of time to observe their personalities and behaviors.  My groomer loves having my babies in her shop.  After one of their spa days, she said, "You've got an awesome crew."  If you would like a reference for the well-mannered personalities of my dogs, their beautiful conformation, and the loving care they receive, I can think of no better reference than my groomer.  

All of my puppies are started with Interceptor Plus.  They are also started on NexGard during tick season.  They are current with age appropriate vaccinations.  Puppies that leave me at 8 weeks old are due for their next parvo/distemper shot at 10 weeks.  The final parvo/distemper boosters are due at 14 weeks.  Rabies is due sometime between 12 weeks and 4 months.  I recommend getting the rabies shot separate from any other vaccinations.  Puppies that are with me past 8 weeks continue to receive age appropriate vaccinations, Interceptor Plus, and NexGard (when needed).  

Puppies come with the following:

     1.  Written 10-year health guarantee

     2.  Puppy wellness exam with individual fecal

     3.  Microchip with prepaid registration.  

     4.  Age-appropriate vaccinations and worming

     5.  Interceptor Plus and NexGard

          -NexGard is given only during tick season

     6.  Farmina puppy food

     7.  Acana freeze dried treats

     8.  Antler and Himalayan chew

     9.  Several toys

    10.  Groomed with poodle puppy cut

    11.  NuVet Plus Vitamins (order code 36603)

    12. Lupine collar

    13. AKC Limited Registration

         -Registration papers are sent after proof of spay/neuter is received

Most of my puppies are $2800 with Limited AKC registration and spay/neuter contract.  Missouri sales tax (5.413%) is applied to the sale of puppies picked up in Missouri.  Shipping of puppies to most locations in the contiguous USA is normally $300-$350.

My Poodle puppies are not available to doodle breeders.  Full AKC Registration is available on a VERY restricted basis to approved poodle breeders.

Black moyen poodle, Kiaya, sitting in the recliner and smiling
Black klein poodle, Mazzi, beautifully groomed and smiling in my living room