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Noir Breezin' In The New Year

Breezy is an oversize medium cream poodle female with an excellent AKC pedigree from inter-variety breeding.  Her sire is an AKC Champion Miniature Poodle, and her mother is a refined Standard Poodle from AKC Champion bloodlines.  She has beautiful conformation with gorgeous coat. Breezy is 19 inches and 24 pounds.  Her personality is very affectionate with the one she loves, and her energy level is lower.  Breezy loves to be held when I have a chance to sit in the recliner.  She loves to relax against me while I comb her hair.  Breezy is fully health tested, including genetic diversity VGL testing.  She will produce cream, apricot, sable, and black colors.

Breezy's Pedigree

Breezy's OFA Certifications


White moyen poodle, Breezy, freshly groomed in a Miami cut
White moyen poodle, Breezy, freshly groomed with fluffy ears and topknot
White moyen poodle, Breezy, smiling at me
White moyen poodle, Breezy, freshly groomed and smiling
White moyen poodle, Breezy, face shot looking down at me
White moyen poodle, Breexy, freshly groomed with two pigtails in her topknot
Silver standard poodle, Jade, and white moyen poodle, Breezy, riding together in the back seat of my car
White moyen poodle, Breezy, on the front porch licking her nose