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Noir Star Anise CGC TKN

Anise is a black seal medium poodle with an excellent AKC pedigree from inter-variety breeding.  She was born here at Noir Poodles; Kiaya is her mom.  Anise should mature around the size of Kiaya.  Her sire, Bobby, lives in Italy.  Bobby became an AKC GCH and won Best In Show at the Hershey and Atlanta grooming competitions during the year he lived in the states.  Anise is very intelligent and affectionate.  Her litter was the first litter I raised using Puppy Culture  We enjoy training together in classes at the Springfield Missouri Dog Training Club.  We are currently working towards performance in Rally, Obedience, Scent, and Agility.  She will also start Tracking classes soon.  Anise's health testing is started, including genetic diversity VGL testing.  Some of her health testing will be completed after she is one year old.  She can produce black, brown, seal, and parti colors.  

Anise's Pedigree

Anise's OFA Certifications

Black seal moyen poodle, Anise, freshly groomed in an AKC poodle puppy cut.
Black seal moyen poodle, Anise, laying in the green grass with a toy.
Closeup of black seal moyen poodle, Anise, with summer greenery in the background.
Black seal moyen poodle, Anise, sticking tongue out with cute devil horns.
Black seal moyen poodle, Anise, sitting in the grass with a pink raspberry ball in her mouth.
Black seal moyen poodle, Anise, sitting in the living room.
Black seal moyen poodle, Anise, sitting on the green grass with wind blown hair.
Black moyen poodle, Kiaya, smiling with her daughter, Anise.