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It is no secret I have a favorite

Sunday, March 7, 2021 1:04 PM

Spring is in the air, and we are loving it! I have been enjoying getting outdoors more this week. I can’t take them all with me, so some get left out of adventures. The hardest part about being a multi-dog household for me is leaving some of the pack out of adventures.  I have a leash coupler (which I sometimes use), but I prefer one on one for most of our walks. 

It is no secret that Anise is my favorite to take out. She responds to training the best, which I like to throw in the mix when we are out. Anise also expects to go! Her body language and expressions can't lie. She stands near where the harness hangs…expecting me to choose her.

I do share the love, though. I rotate who gets to go for the walk or hike. Anise tries to talk me into going back out with her when she isn't the one picked….lol. I will admit Anise gets picked a little more often than the others. (I would be in trouble if we were talking about kids…but I think I am safe to admit favoritism in poodles!)

I think this struggle of “which dog to take” is something that families should consider before becoming a multi-dog home.  

  • Do you have multiple family members that can be present for outdoor activities?
  • Do you have multiple family members that are comfortable handling the dogs?
  • Would you enjoy having multiple dogs on a leash together?
  • Would you feel stressed having to leave someone behind?

At the end of the day, our dogs are just thankful to be a part of our lives, and they appreciate the special moments they share with us. I try to remember this when I feel guilty for not being able to take every poodle every time!