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5 Common Poodle Traits

Monday, March 8, 2021 10:34 AM

Poodle dream or poodle nightmare? As a long-time poodle mom, I want to share a list of poodle qualities you should consider before adding a poodle to your home. Poodles are amazing, but are they the right breed for you?


Non-shedding is perfect, right??? Did you know poodle hair NEVER STOPS GROWING! Grooming is a life long commitment when you add a poodle to your home. Poodle hair gets matted without regular brushing and grooming. Yes, you can learn to groom at home, but home grooming requires an investment in both equipment AND time. Grooming is an extra expense for poodles that is important to include in your budget as you plan for the expenses of adding a new pet. Read more about GROOMING


There is no question where the loyalty lies with my Poodle Pack, and I love them for it! They wait for me when I leave and are so excited when I get home. They even wait for me when I go to the bathroom…lol. I call them my minions :) 

Poodles are an extremely loyal breed. They love their human(s) deeply. They will naturally bond to the people that provide the most love, time, attention, care, and training. If your family wants a true 'family dog', every member of the family has to participate in the bonding process when you bring your poodle home. A poodle can form strong bonds with every family member, but these bonds must be earned.


Poodles are hands down one of the most intelligent breeds. I also find them to be pretty stubborn (My theory about stubbornness involves their ability to think about what I am telling them to do…lol) The best poodle homes are the ones that take the time to train and set boundaries. Poodles need to understand that you are the boss! I always recommend completion of at least one level of puppy classes with a new poodle. Classes help by providing a structured learning environment, which poodles excel in and many humans (including myself) need! The best poodles are developed through devotion to training, and the bond that is formed during training is invaluable. Read more about TRAINING.


Poodles are a protective breed, so they naturally bark to warn us of DANGER…lol.   Some have tendency to want to bark too much, though! Training against unwanted barking is important from a young age, so that your poodle responds when you tell them to be quiet. If you prefer a non-barking breed, It is best not to risk your luck with a poodle puppy.  Puppies typically do not bark much, so it is difficult for a breeder to know which puppies will mature into “barkers”.


Some poodles seem to easily fall into a pattern of not eating enough. (As I struggle with my weight, this sounds like the perfect problem to have…lol) But poodles that don't eat enough can run into health problems from being underweight. Also. dogs throw up bile when they do not eat often enough. My poodles do not like to be fed at set times. They eat best when they have food freely available during the day. Maybelle doesn't eat enough unless I mix canned food to coat the kibble. I have had other poodles in the past that required extra care with feeding, and some of my puppy homes have asked for help with this issue. It happens often enough that new poodle homes need to pay special attention to eating habits…and prevent an unhealthy eating pattern from forming. Read more about NUTRITION.