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Snow Day or Mud Day???

Tuesday, November 20, 2018 6:40 AM

Aaliyah had a snow day from school.  There wasn’t much snow…just enough to make the roads slick for the morning bus routes.  We were enjoying a movie together when Anise ran inside the dog door and dropped frozen dirt balls next to my chair.  Her nose was covered with mud, but the rest of her body didn’t look dirty.  I looked outside and saw the other three congregated in the mole area of the yard.  I called them inside, realizing too late they were tracking frozen mud everywhere.  

The fun snow day quickly digressed into bath day for Waverly, Kiaya, and Breezy.  Thankfully my mom took care of the mess in the house while I did the grooming.  Waverly’s bracelets were the worst…full of mud.  

Hours later the girls were clean and dry.  I was thankful they were due for baths anyway, so it did not feel like a completely wasted day.  Moral to the story?  Never forget to close the dog door and supervise yard time when there is half frozen ground, wet snow, and poodles that hunt moles!