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Kiaya and Breezy- Picture Perfect

Wednesday, May 3, 2017 7:54 AM

Poodles look so gorgeous when they are freshly groomed.  I normally try to get the camera out and take several pictures after spa days.  I will start posting my favorite spa day pictures- Picture Perfect photos.  

I love this picture of Kiaya and Breezy.  They are both looking out the picture window at my mom.  I love the contrast of black and white poodle coats.  I also love the side profile of their faces in this picture!  They both have gorgeous poodle coats that scissor very nicely.    

Side note:  My mom’s older toy poodle is in the background.  His coat was becoming very thin as he aged.  When I started giving everyone NuVet Plus vitamins, his coat started to become noticeably thicker.  My groomer even commented yesterday on the improved condition of his coat.  I am thankful the vitamins are making a difference.  For more information about NuVet Plus vitamins, please read the Nutrition page of my website.