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Tough and Fun Dog Toys

Wednesday, March 1, 2017 6:35 PM

Some poodles LOVE to destroy and sometimes eat dog toys.  This poses a problem in several ways.  First, there is the safety risk of a swallowed piece becoming an obstruction.  Second, it is expensive purchasing dog toys that get destroyed in a matter of minutes…or days.  Third, it makes a huge mess.

My dogs love to chew on antlers, raw bones, and Himalayan chews…but they also love TOYS.  The toys listed below have proven to be both durable and enjoyable to my adults.  Most of these are available for purchase through Amazon Prime!

1. Planet Dog Squeak- one size.  This is a new favorite in the house.    

2. Planet Dog Ringo- one size.  

3. Planet Dog Orbee Ball- small or medium size.  Some of my adults prefer the small size for fetch…others like the medium size.  

4. JW Darwin the Frog- medium size.  The small size is good for puppies.  I think the medium size is more durable for adults.  

5. JW SillySounds Spring Ball- medium size.  This is probably the least durable on this list…but it has not been destroyed.

Beco, Hugglehounds, Kong, and Skinneeez make soft toys that I like for normal dog wear and tear.