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Stress and Poop

Sunday, March 5, 2017 6:34 PM

Pepper has been with us two weeks today.  She has been such a wonderful addition to the our poodle family.  Her breeder did an excellent job with her early socialization, and she had an easy transition into my home.  She acts happy, playful, and affectionate.  She eats and drinks…and she is growing.  She has done very well with house training and has had few accidents.  

Even though she is doing so well in my home, the change in homes has still been a stressful time for her.  Within her first day or so here, her stool turned to mush.  I expected this, because this is a very common stress reaction for puppies and adults.  She had a negative fecal with my vet at her first vet visit, so I started her on the same flagyl that I send home with my puppies for this exact reason…loose stool with stress.  After several days her stool started to look formed again.  

After almost a week here, she got an upset stomach with bloody diarrhea.  We went back to the vet for another fecal.  She started medicine for the loose stool, and her poop formed again very quickly.  Pepper finished the medicine, and within a day or so…we were back at the vet with another loose stool sample.  Her fecal looked clear, but we are continuing with the medicine to help her system get back to normal.  I am giving her a small amount of pumpkin, because it should also help her digestive system.  Once she finishes the probiotic paste from the vet, I will start giving her probiotics powder.  

The moral to this storry about poop???  Be prepared for digestive reactions to stress when you bring home your new puppy.  Not every puppy will have this type of reaction, but many do.  Once their digestive system gets out of whack, it may take time and loving care to help the GI tract get back to normal.  Plain canned pumpkin and FortiFlora are excellent supplements that help support healthy digestion.  It also helps to keep puppy on the same food for a several weeks.  If you want to switch foods, I recommend waiting to switch until puppy is fully adjusted to life with his new family.  When the switch is made, make it a gradual switch by mixing in the new food with the old food.  Pay attention to your puppy’s stool.  Formed stool is healthy.  Loose stool needs attention!