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Poor Pepper

Tuesday, March 28, 2017 5:42 PM

Pepper has a broken leg!  We don’t know exactly what happened to cause the break…it is one of the times it would be so nice if dogs could talk.  The x-ray last night showed the break in her tibia bone.  Her bone density looks normal, so it had to be from some source of trauma during play.  She received pain medicine last night and went back home with me to sleep.  Thankfully, she felt like eating some canned food, because I knew she would not be allowed to eat anything today.  I felt so awful when she cried out in pain throughout the night.  

She will have surgery this afternoon and start healing.  Thankfully, the break and surgery will not effect the growth plates in her leg.  My veterinarian is confident that she will not have long-term issues from the broken leg.  We just have to keep her from running for 6-8 weeks, so it has the chance to heal properly.  Thankfully she is not a high energy puppy, so reducing activity should not be too difficult.  

I am so thankful for Terra Veterinary Clinic and Dr. Frazier.  I am confident that Pepper is in the best hands for her surgery.  It is very important to choose a veterinarian that is knowledgeable and compassionate towards animals.  Veterinary practices that provide knowledable care and after-hours emergency services are irreplaceable.

Pet insurance is something to consider in areas where veterinary care is more expensive.  Some plans cover wellness and emergency care.  Other plans only cover emergency care.  Visits to an emergency pet hospital can cost $500-$1000 or more…depending on the type of care needed.  The best time to purchase pet insurance is when the puppy first comes home, because pet insurance never covers preexisting conditions.  

I went to visit Pepper this afternoon, and they said she has been a perfect puppy.  I am thankful that she is crate trained.  Otherwise, her confinement at the vet clinic would have been more traumatic for her.  I always recommend that families crate train their puppies for this exact reason.  When dogs are crate trained, they do not freak out when crating is necessary at the vet or groomer.   Once a crate is accepted as a safe space, it does not cause stress.  

Pepper’s leg will heal...I am so thankful that there will not be long-term problems from the injury.  This experience stresses the importance of excellent, trusted veterinary care for our furry family members and ensuring finances or insurance are available for unexpected emergencies.